Core Values

At NBC on Main we have four core values that we strive to keep paramount in everything that we do. These are things that are important to us as a church family. We want to keep these ideas at the forefront of our hearts and minds in everything that we do as a body of believers.

The Word

At NBC we have a passion for the Scriptures that God gave us. It is not simply a belief in the scriptures, nor just a process of simply memorizing of the scriptures, nor merely reading the Scriptures. We believe that the Scriptures are living, active, profitable, sustaining, and universal. The Scriptures are a pathway by which we can know God more intimately. We desire as a family to hunger and thirst for the word of God. However, it is not simply the word of God as it relates to Scripture, but Jesus Himself was the “logos” or “Word of God” according to the Book of John. He was the “word become flesh”. We want to proclaim and believe in the power of the living word of God.

The Joyful Celebration

At NBC we want to constantly and consistently live out our lives in worship both corporately and individually. We as children of God were created to worship. We want to bring glory, praise, and honor to God in all that we do. However, we do not wish to worship God religiously, tediously, or begrudgingly out of habit. We want to worship Him gladly. We want to celebrate Him joyfully in and out of season. We want to constantly be reminded of the hope that He gives and the glory that He deserves. We want to joyfully celebrate alongside one another as we give praise to God for all He has done.

The Body

At NBC you will often hear the phrase “Not because he says but because He is”. We believe that the church should be united, a community of one. We believe this because we believe that God Himself was, is, and always will be a community of one. We want to exist as one body, one mind, and one spirit. Paul uses the example of the human body as a way to understand this. All the members and parts of the body exist together as one body. Each part has a job. Each member has a place. No member is greater or less than any other. All are vital. All are valued. We want to exist as a community of one so that the world may know that God is who He says He is! We believe our greatest witness to the world is our unity in community.

The Mission

At NBC we believe that as a church, as a community, and as a body we are called to fulfill the great commission of Jesus. We are to exist not for ourselves but for the continued redeeming work of Jesus Christ to the world around us. This means: we serve, we love, and we give…freely. We want a mission bigger than us. We want a call outside of our walls. We want to build the Kingdom. So we will serve Him, both inside and outside the walls of the church building with open hands and open hearts.